Pagero and Centsoft new partnership is a two-way street

Pagero and Centsoft have announced the beginning of a new two-way partnership. The two tech companies are teaming up to offer their clientele a complete solution for automated financial operations.   The new partnership comes on the back of two recent acquisitions: the acquisition of Centsoft by Palette Software, and that of Palette Network by…

Centsoft announces plans for global expansion

Leading Swedish supplier of invoicing solutions is establishing business abroad Centsoft celebrated its 10th anniversary a couple of years ago and has a lot more to celebrate since then. A year ago the company was acquired by Palette Software and it now operates in Europe, North America and Australia as part of the Palette Group….

Save time, money and minimise the risk of errors

Here is the system that makes invoice processing easier than ever. – Many companies lower their costs by up to 80 percent, says Christoffer Hartung, CEO of Centsoft. Many companies spend unnecessary time and money managing their supplier invoices. An inefficient way of working also increases the risk of errors and unnecessary costs due to…

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