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Centsoft streamlines the handling of supplier invoices for you and your customers. Get all customers gathered into one system and easily choose which customer you want to work with by selecting it in the company list.
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Manage your client invoices in the same system

Centsoft integrates with popular ERPs. Administer all of your customers’ accounting in the same AP automation system, regardless of which accounting software the customer uses.

Adapt to each customer’s needs

Adapt approval workflows to each customer.


Complete overview

Get an overview of all companies’ invoices and their workflow in the intuitive dashboard.


AP Automation for your customers

Centsoft automates the processing of supplier invoices by completely
eliminating time-consuming manual tasks.
Reduce paper handling
Emailed and paper invoices are captured in the cloud, accessible anywhere by you and the client.
Customized solution
Centsoft adapts to each customer’s specific needs for automation.
One login
Have all your customers gathered in one system with one login.
Fast approval workflow
Send invoices out for approval to project managers and approvers. They approve on laptop, tablet, or phone.
Seamless integration
Centsoft’s integrates with popular ERPs.
Reduce costs
Reduce costs and create more time for higher value tasks in your organization.


Centsoft is customized to your company’s needs and integrates with popular ERPs. Here are some of our integrations.

More features

Centsoft has several functions to streamline your supplier invoice management. Read more about the different features below.

Approval workflow

Improve your approval workflow with Centsoft. Use our features for automatic approval, amount limits and final checks.

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Capture invoice data

Centsoft captures the invoice data from both scanned paper invoices or emailed PDFs

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Get started right away

Getting started with Centsoft is easy. Schedule a demo in our convenient calendar.

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Discover how Centsoft can facilitate several parts of your organization and be adapted to your particular way of working.