Centsoft automates the processing of your supplier invoices. Book supplier invoices to different construction projects. Approve invoices 24/7 in the office, on site, or on the road.
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Benefits for the construction industry

Project managers get to approve with one click, purchasers can review older invoices to compare prices, and approvers can view and approve invoices on the work site.

Project follow-up

Find all the documentation for a project in the same place, including the invoice image. Attach new documents or review.


Invoice search

Search for any word or number on invoices, regardless of where on the invoice it is. Search in specific fields such as project, invoice number and date.

More smart features

Approval based on project
The project number controls the workflow – from approver to supervisor. Automatic coding based on the project number is suggested as you handle the invoice.
Financial reports
Track costs linked to a certain project, coding line by coding line.
Label invoices for re-invoicing
Flag invoices for re-invoicing. They’re placed in a separate folder on the invoice overview so you don’t miss them.
Merge invoices
Search for invoices belonging to a specific project and export them into one combined PDF.
Integrate with other systems
Centsoft can easily be integrated with your system for project follow-up and other BI-related needs.
Retrieve previously used coding from the same supplier and benefit from fully automated suggestions for coding recurring invoices.


Centsoft adapts to your needs and integrates with popular ERPs. Here are some of our integrations.

More features

Centsoft has several functions to streamline your supplier invoice management. Read more about the different features below.

Approval workflow

Improve your approval workflow with Centsoft. Use our features for automatic approval, amount limits and final checks.

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Capture invoice data

Centsoft captures the invoice data from both scanned paper invoices or emailed PDFs

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