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Centsoft support

Centsoft support is at your disposal and ensures that you get the right help, from the right person, when you need it. Our goal is to be able to help you as a customer quickly and efficiently.

Better support with better information

To achieve our service goal, we ask you to describe your problem as accurately as possible when you contact us. The more information we get from you, the faster we can put the right person on the problem. Below is a short checklist that you can keep on your computer.

contact us per mail

[email protected]

Note the invoice number and supplier and which company the problem lies in.

Describe the problem very briefly:

  • What happened, what did you do / click on when the problem occurred?
  • Has the invoice entered the financial system?
  • Is there any information / error message in the invoice log?
  • Take a screenshot of an error message and email it to us.
Contact us per phone

+46 8-790 00 29

Monday-friday 9 am – 4 pm CET (closed for lunch 12 pm -1 pm)

Download TeamViewer from the links below for remote help:
TeamViewer for Windows
TeamViewer for Mac

Current messages

Information regarding Log4J


Recently, a security vulnerability was discovered in one of the third party libraries the Centsoft product uses. The issue has already been addressed in our hosted servers. If you have a local installation of Centsoft, please follow these steps: Solve issue Log4J. If you are unsure whether you have a local or cloud based installation, please contact us for clarification.


Integration between Centsoft & NetSuite


On Tuesday 22nd of June 2021, the integration between Centsoft and NetSuite will be down for maintenance and test reasons on NetSuite’s behalf and will be up and running 24 h later. The integration will be down from 9 am CEST Tuesday June 22, until 9 AM CEST Wednesday June 23.


This means that during this time frame, invoices can’t be exported and registered in NetSuite, and any changes in your ledgers in NetSuite (vendors, accounts etc) will not be imported to Centsoft. Approving invoices in Centsoft will still be possible, and you can still work in NetSuite as you normally do. If you have urgent invoices that need to be booked in NetSuite during the 24 hours the integration is down, please enter them manually in NetSuite.


After 9 AM Wednesday, June 23, the integration will be working up again and your invoices in “Ready for final booking” should transfer automatically. Please contact us otherwise.


For your information, the integration will be down for another 24 h maintenance at some point in July but we have not received a specific date from NetSuite yet. As soon as we know we will inform you.